Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Scott Holtz

I design and develop websites and have been doing that for about 20 years. My wife and I also own North Branch Yoga here in Downtown Skokie where I work with the merchants and neighbors to help make our downtown a better place.

1. Beautiful Downtown Skokie. You may not see it but I do. There is a life here. It’s not enough but a good base. The shops on Lincoln and Oakton. The families you get to know who own and run those shops. My neighbors. My rule of thumb is if I cannot walk to it to buy I may not really need it that bad. We as a family make all our dining choices when we eat out in Downtown Skokie.

2. The Skokie Valley Trail. I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I am not out on the trail. It is a quiet spot in a very unexpected place. It will soon connect to Old Orchard Road and then Harms Woods and the Forest Preserve system of trails. It now connects to Lincolnwood and runs to the Chicago trails and more Forest Preserves. It is a great place to watch the seasons change and urban nature as it takes over. You should see the butterflies this summer. Cosmos coming soon. It’s the little things.

3. The schools. District 69 was just awesome. Niles West has been beyond expectations. My son is a sophomore this year and I am looking forward to the experience.

4. Public Works. They get the garbage not just from home but in all the sidewalk cans all over Downtown Skokie. They plow the snow. They fix it if it’s broken. They will wave and smile if you wave and smile.

5. Our First Responders. They are the best. Friendly, professional public servants here to serve and protect and do, in my opinion, a darn fine job at it. Kudos to our Police and Fire Departments.

6. All the murals popping up in Downtown Skokie. The sculptures too. So much to look at on Lincoln Avenue. The sculpture throughout Downtown Skokie and on the trail. Its really quite the treasure hunt to find it all.

7. The events in Downtown Skokie. Halloween, Small Business Saturday, the Block Parties (wrestling was just too much fun), The Bash, The big 4th parade, Wednesdays on the Green, all the fun stuff that happens here and the dedicated people who pull it off.

8. The Skokie Public Library. The place my kid goes for wi-fi when his quota has run out at home. Also, the place that everyone seems to start at in the community. It is the United Nations of libraries any day of the week. It is so much more than books for so many people.

9. Floral Avenue, 8000 N. Lincoln and all the other developments either winding down or gearing up. Each of them bringing new residents to the community and filling in long empty and nonproductive property with taxpaying developments and people. More, please.

10. The Skokie Farmers Market. Its transformation over the past few years has been quite welcome. More than just a market, it really is a gathering place.

Saving the best for last. The wonderful diversity we share. The Mayor once said and and I will paraphrase here that Skokie has a population of 65,000 people that come from over 100 different countries and speak over 90 languages and dialects in the public schools. I hope to see more diversity at events, on boards and committees and by volunteers. Skokie Welcomes Everyone.