This year, SCF is funding one targeted $10,000 grant and three untargeted $5000 grants. For the targeted grant, the Foundation sought proposals specifically designed to address the issue of Social Inclusion within Skokie. The focus for the targeted grant was chosen based on input gathered at listening sessions that Foundation board members held with Skokie community members in the spring.

The grants will be awarded on Monday, November 26 at 6pm at the Community Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) facility located at 4927 Main Street, Skokie. The public is invited to attend.

This year’s recipients are:
For the $10,000 grant focusing on Social Inclusion in Skokie:
• Northlight Theatre, Skokie Public Library and Illinois Holocaust Museum and Education Center for a program in which Skokie teens will adapt and perform for the community a play that addresses a growing societal need to combat racial profiling and prejudice with increased empathy, knowledge and understanding.

Grants of $5000 each:
• Metropolitan Family Services and the Skokie Coalition to End Abuse and Neglect of Adults with Disabilities – the continuation of a program focused on significantly increasing the rate of reporting of abuse and neglect of adults with disabilities and preventing it in the first place.

• YWCA Evanston North Shore and Village of Skokie Human Services for a young men’s engagement project connecting the Skokie Police Department and Youth Outreach Program to offer intervention and support to young men 12-18.

• Turning Point Behavioral Health Care Center and Community Animal Rescue Effort (CARE) to provide interactive and educational programs for Turning Point Clients while providing CARE with a new source of volunteer assistance.

About the Skokie Community Foundation
The Skokie Community Foundation ( founded in 2010, works to foster a supportive, engaged, and dynamic community in Skokie through meaningful giving, collaboration, and community programming.

Please contact the Foundation’s Executive Director, P. Scott Holtz, for more information