Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Carmie Callobre

1. Neighbors – The diversity in my neighborhood with its various languages, cooking smells wafting, good conversation makes Skokie a great place to live

2. Public services including the mind-blowing sidewalk snow plowing in winter

3. First responders – our police and fire professionals, always friendly and quick to help

4. The Skokie Valley Bike Trail – fantastic walking and biking right through town, plus you can stop at…

5. Emily Oaks Nature Center – a little piece of heaven in suburbia

6. Skokie Public Library – one of the best around

7. The 97 bus and Yellow Line – makes it easy to go to downtown Chicago

8. Restaurants – got you covered with breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Alexander’s, Village Inn, Yolo Mexican for starters

9. Skokie Farmers Market – best way to begin summer Sunday mornings

10. Aw Yeah Comics!