Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Shalom Klein

1. Having friendly neighbors that actually make eye contact and say hello

2. Visiting local restaurants that have my order ready when they see me down the block

3. Seeing the Mayor walking his dogs and getting into long discussions about our families

4. Being able to brainstorm an economic development idea and reaching the people that can implement it on their cell phone within two rings

5. Hearing dozens of languages spoken on my block, including some that I’m embarrassed to have never heard of prior

6. Getting involved in non-profit organizations and having the ability to make an impact

7. Our accessibility to both city and northern suburbs

8. If I get antsy and want to do my conference calls out of the office, knowing that downtown Skokie and Old Orchard are great places for long walks

9. All of my clients knowing that I’ll only meet them at my favorite coffee shop on Dempster

10. Having a local website called “Good News Skokie”