Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Robert Klein

Skokie is where I was born and raised; where I returned to live and work for a decade after college; where I wrote my tragically undiscovered and as-yet-unpublished novel; and where I returned and now live after raising my three kids!

Here is my list of Ten Reasons Why I Love Skokie (although I could easily come up with at least ten more!):

1. Ethnic and age diversity of neighbors within the community.

2. Great Park District offerings for children, families, adults and seniors.

3. Exceptional public schools.

4. An award-winning library.

5. An abundance and variety of fresh produce at local fruit and vegetable markets.

6. A wonderful variety of ethnically diverse restaurants, bakeries and delis.

7. Its convenient location for quick and easy access to the culturally rich tri-county metropolitan area.

8. Parks, trees, green spaces and nature preserves.

9. The Skokie Northshore Sculpture Park and the Skokie Valley Trail.

10. Skokie Services – its Public Works and Public Safety departments, and its first responders.