Episode 18: North Shore Center For The Performing Arts with Michael Pauken

On the road in Skokie again with a special guest host!

Episode 18 takes us to the North Shore Center For The Performing Arts In Skokie (NSCFTPA). Ilene has the day off so Ann Tennes, our most frequent guest and the “voice of opportunity” is filling in.

Ann and I recap the big St. Pat’s parade that was held in beautiful Downtown Skokie recently. We talk attendance and about all the fun the parade was. The Kiwanis Club of Skokie was the producer of the event with the support of the Downtown Skokie Alliance and three school districts.

The reason we went to the theatre is to meet Michael Pauken, the General Manager of the NSCFTPA (even the abbreviation is a mouthful). We discuss the facility, the shows, the mission and more in this very informative episode.

Did you know that deeply discounted tickets are available the day of any event for Skokie residents? Nope? Neither did I. Have a listen. I promise you will learn something.

Show Notes:
North Shore Center for the Performing Arts Website

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The “It’s Skokie” podcast has no affiliations with any governing bodies. We really just do this because we love Skokie and hope that by listening you will learn some of the reasons that we love Skokie. The goal is to educate and entertain and be very unscripted. No edits.

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