Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Karen Buccola

1. Diversity. This is clearly one of our unique characteristic (unfortunately) and one of our strengths. Not only do we have people from all over the globe with their languages and cultures living side by side but we also have an economic diversity too. We’re not all rich, we’re not all poor or somewhere in the middle. We have the honor of being a mini example of the world around us.

2. Location. You are close to major highways and mass transit when you live in Skokie. The Yellow Line of the CTA connects you to all the lines that run through Chicago and even both airports. There are numerous PACE bus lines that take you throughout the village and connect you to the other suburbs and the city. And the major highways are nearby so it’s easy to travel anywhere from Skokie.

3. Schools. You can’t beat the education system in Skokie. All of the elementary schools are excellent as are the high schools of District 219. National awards have been won by all and are too numerous to name. And don’t forget Oakton Community College! It is a fabulous college with one of the two campuses located in Skokie (the other is in Des Plaines). OCC offers an excellent education without breaking the bank.

4. Food. Skokie’s diversity spills over into the food you can find whether you’re doing the cooking yourself or dining out. There is no reason to ever be bored when it’s dinner time!

5. Park District. We have beautiful parks, two water parks, a rowing facility, an indoor skating facility, indoor sports and recreation facility and wonderful programs for every age, free concerts in the park, festivals and even a fun wrestling match was added this year to the delight of all who were there.

6. Library. It is one of the best libraries in the nation and has won the awards to prove it.

7. Farmers Market. Fresh produce and foods are sold on Sunday mornings. There isn’t anything better than helping local farmers and enjoying their wonderful efforts.

8. Public Service. Garbage pickup twice a week. Recycling pickup and programs. Snow removal, alley and road maintenance are all excellent.

9. Religious Diversity. We have every major religion represented in our village and the leaders have formed a group that meets regularly. They share ideas, they discuss common issues and keep us all connected. Our joint Thanksgiving service is one that should not be missed.

10. Neighbors. Skokie is one big neighborhood. It doesn’t matter which part of town you live in, we all love our village. Neighbors in Skokie will bend over backwards to help each other in times of crisis and enjoy sharing the fun times together too. Just watch our annual 4th of July parade or come to the Backlot Bash to see neighbors hanging out and having fun together. Of course block parties are everywhere in the summer. Community is your block, your school district, your village….it’s Skokie!