Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Jessica Beverly

1.) My neighbors. My husband and I moved to Skokie for the commute and affordability, but we didn’t realize we were moving to a community where our neighbors would become an extension of our family.

2.) Skokie Park District! I can walk to any number of beautiful and well-maintained playgrounds with my kids, the summer camp program is OUTSTANDING, and the events throughout the year are incredible. The parks catalog lives on my coffee table and I am never at a loss for free or inexpensive ways to spend the day with an active toddler.

3.) Public Works. I love that Skokie is proactive and has a Sustainable Environment Plan that includes achievable goals that are actively implemented throughout the community. Our textile recycling, composting reimbursement, and very comprehensive recycling program are lightyears ahead of most communities. The staff is great to work with and they are always very responsive to requests.

4.) Elected officials. I am very lucky to live in a community where I can access and discuss my concerns with my local elected officials at the Village, state, and national level. The Niles Township Democratic Organization coordinates events I am proud to participate in and I have made some very dear friends while working on issues I am passionate about.

5.) Health and Human Services. Before I had my son in May, I volunteered for the Home Delivered Meals program. I met some of the most wonderful seniors through this experience and I can’t wait to resume my route and get back in touch with my friends when I return to work. The Village and Park District offers so many opportunities to support our seniors who are such a valuable and often underserved community.

6.) The library. Skokie’s incredible library offers so many services and programs, I often find it hard to keep up. The library newsletter lives next to the parks catalog on my coffee table and my three-year-old son loves to go “work” on the computers, visit “his” fish, and cook in “the big kitchen” every weekend. When I meet people from surrounding communities and tell them I live in Skokie, the library is ALWAYS mentioned–“oh you guys have a great library.” Yes, we sure do!

7.) Our first responders. I am lucky to live in a community with award-winning police and fire departments. Skokie is extremely safe and our fire department and ambulance teams are second to none in response time and compassionate care.

8.) The Schools! My son is about to begin his first year at Elizabeth Meyer and we are all so excited. I meet so many people with wonderful stories about Skokie schools and I can’t wait for my children to experience D73.5 and 219.

9.) The small business community. I love that I can walk to 20 different small businesses to shop for groceries and dine out at a different restaurant every night of the week for months (if my waistline could handle it).

10.) The people! We are so proud to live in such a diverse community. I love gaining perspective and talking to people when I am out door knocking for the NTDO, standing in line at the grocery store, or hanging out at the parks. Our community is friendly, welcoming, and supportive and I just can’t imagine a better place to raise my kids.