Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – James VanOsdol

1. The Skokie Public Library. Everything I want, plus things I didn’t know I wanted. An invaluable resource.

2. The schools. Strong education and a diverse student body: What a tremendous experience for my kids.

3. The pool chairs at Devonshire Pool. Not that it’s a competition, but they’re more comfortable than the ones at Oakton.

4. Old Orchard. I’ve been going since I was a kid, and now I take my kids.

5. The bike trail. Fastest and best way to get from Howard to the Skokie Swift that doesn’t involve a car.

6. Skokie Indians. Years with the Indians gave my son a deep love for baseball.

7. SPD. I sleep well at night knowing the Skokie Police have the community’s back.

8. Kaufman’s. Not even a fire can stop the power of a damn good corned beef on rye.

9. Snow removal. Friends can’t believe that Skokie plows sidewalks.

10. Farmer’s Market. Every Sunday, I’m walking out of there with some combination of peaches, apples, sausage, fish and cheese.