Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Gary Dolinko

There are many reasons to love the Village of Skokie. Here are my top ten. In no specific order

1. The Schools, no finer educational experiences could have been had anywhere else.

2. The diversity. This tiny village is thriving with so many different cultures and teaches tolerance and acceptance of all.

3. The park System. The wonderful parks and playgrounds and the camps that are at everyone’s fingertips.

4. Village Services, between garbage pickup, snow removal, responses to individual inquiries for help with streets and sanitation Skokie is top notch in response and handling.

5. Mass Transit. Having the yellow line at our fingertips makes it so easy to get downtown via train.

6. This is a selfish reason for me. But having cigar king open so I can enjoy a nice cigar in the middle of winter without getting frostbite makes me glad to be here.

7. Friends. I have the closet friends actually family that would never have happened without living in this type of community.

8. First Responders. Police and fire are highly rated and respond as top professional should. Can’t say much more other than THEY ROCK.

9. Restaurants, I mean cmon, Poochies, Dengeos, Libertad, Pita Inn, Village Inn, El Fuego, Bonefish,EJ, Roka Akor, anything your heart desires. and many more.

10. Mattress Stores, I mean how easy to shop competitively for an item within a few square miles.