Episode 28: Gina Speckman and the Chiciago North Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau

For Episode 28 Scott, Ilene and our faithful sidekick, Mark are back for another visit around the Village. Today we meet up with Gina Speckman, the Executive Director of the Chicago North Shore Convention and Visitors Bureau (CVB).

The CVB does everything from helping make the arrangements for large to small group events to assisting with information for a small wedding that hasn’t got a planner. We even joked they could help you with your date night.

The CVB promotes all the hotels in member communities and the member businesses that support the mission and organization. There is much more tourism in the area than you would expect. Learn the secrets in today’s episode.


About the Podcast:
The “It’s Skokie” podcast has no affiliations with any governing bodies. We really just do this because we love Skokie and hope that by listening you will learn some of the reasons that we love Skokie. The goal is to educate and entertain and be very unscripted. No edits.

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Mark Collins wears mock turtlenecks, is an actor AND Niles Township Trustee. He is also the guy that says “Booyah” on your TV and at the end of most podcasts.