Episode 15: A Chat With the Chief

Our guests today are Ann Tennes, Director of Marketing and Communications for the Village of Skokie and Skokie Chief of Police Anthony Scarpelli.

We discuss items from how to stay connected and informed to the viral Skokie Police Lip Sync Challenge video. Have a listen. I promise you will learn something.

Oh. We also find out who was the first subject to spend some time in the lock-up.

Skokie Police Website Sign up for alerts and see the Lip Sync Challenge video. 

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Teaser Video:

About the Podcast:
The “It’s Skokie” podcast has no affiliations with any governing bodies. We really just do this because we love Skokie and hope that by listening you will learn some of the reasons that we love Skokie. The goal is to educate and entertain and be very unscripted. No edits.

We record in the Digital Media Lab at the Skokie Public Library. This facility is open to the public and available to use with a reservation. You can book the room or learn more here.

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