Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Elline Eliasoff

My husband and my very pregnant self, 21 years ago purchased a house in Skokie because it was geographically desirable with access to the freeway, the city, the beaches and the road to Lambeau field. Unbeknownst to us at the time, we landed very softly in a lovely community! Two houses later and three children later, we love Skokie! The top ten reasons why we love Skokie are:

1. The schools are so extraordinary!

2. The diversity is enriching and gives me faith that people of different cultures can coexist gracefully with love and enlightenment.

3. I can walk to all my errands and survive well without a car. Not to mention the accessibility to CTA and Pace.

4. The Chamber of Commerce in Skokie is robust and I can find excellent resources for anything I need in its membership.

5. We have a nationally accredited Police and Fire department protecting and serving our community.

6. The Skokie Park District rocks! I loved and used all the programs when my kids were young and still enjoy the pools and the well-maintained parks and fitness center! We also have a wonderful public library!

7. The Murals, The Sculpture Park, the random artwork popping up everywhere!

8. The Backlot Bash! Halloween Downtown! The Fourth of July parade and fireworks! Wednesday’s on the Green!

9. The garbage gets picked up twice a week and they seem to take anything. Also, it is free! We do not have to buy garbage tags.

10. My neighbors’ rock! I know and like them all. This community feels good. I know my neighbors, we watch out for each other and our kids played together when they were young! This is a wonderful community to raise well rounded, accepting kids!

Lastly, we have great restaurants, a fun downtown area with a Yoga studio, a sports bar and several other excellent restaurants. We have live theater, both downtown and at the Center for Performing Arts.

Did I mention Lambeau field is just down the street from Skokie?