Ten Reasons I Love Skokie – Ann Christian

I have been a resident of the downtown area of Skokie for sixteen years. There are many things that I appreciate about our community, things we may take for granted that other communities do not have.

10. Excellent shopping including Old Orchard and Village Crossing

9. Skokie Village Health Department staffed with professionals which offer many important services at no or very low cost to citizens

8. Bike trails which in many cases may be used for walking as well

7. So many parks throughout our Village. Almost one on every corner. Our forefathers were wise to make this investment. Green space will become even more important with the advance of global warming as it helps offset the heat retained by the concrete. They also provide a free space for people of all ages to run and play, enjoy picnics, socialize and walk. Time spent outdoors in nature helps people release stress from too much time indoors working on computers and dealing with the rush and demands of modern life.

6. North Branch Yoga. A beautiful neighborhood studio with good teachers and classes and welcoming to all regardless of age or skill level.

5. Restaurants from high end to low end from ethnic to pizza and burgers.

4. A “walkable” downtown. I can walk to most places that I need to go for everyday living such as the library, Village Hall, Walgreen’s, the Post Office, Oakton Community Center, Oakton Market, the bank, many good restaurants, the Skokie Theatre. I enjoy getting the exercise and not having to take my car out to run simple errands as well as doing things for fun.

3. The award-winning Skokie Library. I believe in lifelong learning so regularly attend various adult education programs as well as the international film viewing and discussion group held once a month.

2 The Skokie Park District which offers many wonderful classes, programs and outings for exercise or just plain fun.

1. My neighbors!